Computer Systems Support Center
Technology Simplified!

Computer Systems Support Center is a technology company that helps simplify Computer Systems, Applications and Network Support.  Our employees are certified Microsoft Professional Business Specialists who have experience providing IT and network support to both individuals as well as small and mid-sized businesses.

We support more than computers, we support the people that use the computers.  It is our goal to  work with customers and their needs, while providing outstanding customer service.  We also provide additional services such as low voltage wiring, camera system installation and smart technology setup and support.

CSSC is here to help in everyway we can.  We provide purchasing assistance for all technology needs.  We will guide you through any purchase you may want.

There is nothing worse than being at the mercy of salespeople when purchasing something you have little or no knowledge about.  Are they just telling me what I want to hear in order to make a sale?  Are they trying to take advantage of me? It happens when you purchase a vehicle, television, or anything else of value.  It also happens when buying a computer.

In order to help alleviate such fears, we offer a flat service rate per computer or ancillary device.  We will work to find you equipment that will suit your needs.  We do not up charge for equipment.  Why?  Because if we up charged for to find you equipment, you may feel  that we are going to find you a system that is expensive and more than you need.  Our only goal is to make you happy with the complete experience!

(804) 349-2857
8405 Tavenor Ct., Mechanicsville, VA, 23111, United States
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