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  • Does your computer take forever to load your software applications?

If you've had your computer for some time, chances are that its slowing down and not performing like it used to.  Trying to figure out why, can leave you with more than a headache.  Even a new computer can act strangely and slow down for no apparent reason at all.  Here are a few reasons why it may be slowing down.

  • The number one reason for a slow computer is spyware and ad ware.

Anything that is downloaded or just the simple act of surfing the web can install programs on your computer without your knowledge.  Ant-spyware applications can quickly identify and remove the unwanted spyware and ad ware programs.  Most of the time you will not know if your computer has been infected, so scanning your computer frequently is strongly recommended.
Like machinery, computer parts suffer wear and tear, the electronics and connectors on your hardware parts tarnish and corrode.  Often times, the problems originate with the computer processor or the CPU; sometimes it can be your hard drive or disk drive(s).  The only real solution is to replace the parts and more often than not you won't even be able to tell if your parts are worn, unless you are an expertly trained computer technician.

  • Your computers degradation in speed may be purely non-physical.

When you install a program your computer caches files in different segments of the hard drive so they can access them readily when you want to use them.  These cached segments or fragments are misplaced over time and each time you try to access your applications, your computer will try to look for these fragments.  The more displaced these fragments are, the longer it will take to find them.  The simplest way to resolve this problem is to defragment the disk.

  • Whenever a malware is installed on your computer it will be saved in your computers Windows registry.

The registry contains essential information that will dictate what tasks these programs perform.  When you uninstall an application, the registry files for that application will usually remain in the registry.  This is the major cause for experiencing a degradation in speed, blue screens, and errors.  There are simple solutions you should keep in mind and regularly scheduled maintenance will fix most of your computers issues and considerably increase its life.

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